Home Loan Calculators

We know that home finance can be challenging. This is why iMortgage has a variety of calculators to help assist you and to provide you with guidance in best determining a suitable solution to you home finance needs.

After entering your details into any of the below calculators, you can see a variety of results based on any number of scenarios. It is just that simple! Just remember that this is for guidance purposes only, so we would still suggest you contact one of our friendly iMortgage Consultants to discuss your situation and to get guided on the best solution.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Find out how much you may be able to borrow by using our borrowing power calculator.

Loan Repayments Calculator

Work out what your weekly, fortnightly or monthly mortgage repayments will be using varying loan amount.

Extra Repayments Calculator

Find out how much you could be saving by paying that little bit extra each month off your loan.

Split Loan Calculator

Splitting your home loan into fixed and variable rate portions can provide insurance against future changes in interest rates while still allowing you to benefit from the flexibility that variable rate loans provide.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp duty may add significantly to the cost of buying a property. Simply enter your state, the value of the property and your loan amount to find out just how much it will cost in your state or territory.

Income Tax Calculator

The Income Tax Calculator can help you find out your income tax obligations. Find out what income tax you may be liable for based on the tax thresholds of the current financial year.